But Praux admits the OPC is unable to catch all the The Act applies to all contracts made in Quebec between a consumer and a merchant, in its capacity of conducting its business. Agents Act and the concept of travel counsellor is introduced. It requires merchants to deal honestly Service Alberta investigates consumer complaints, enforces consumer protection legislation and provides information products and services to consumers. Automobiles and others vehicles. ... check with your provincial or territorial consumer protection agency. The consumer protection officer's role is to reconcile the viewpoints. A legal warranty covers products bought or leased (rented) in Quebec, even if they come from somewhere else. A number of laws and regulations govern the SAAQ's activities, driving as well as road transportation of passengers and goods in Qubec. Most consumer inquiries about vehicles, housing and furniture. A class action against an automobile manufacturer that was dismissed by a lower court was partially overturned by the Quebec Court of Appeal after it held that Mazda Canada Inc. failed to disclose important information to consumers in a timely manner. The Consumer Protection Act prohibits advertising that targets children. (Merchants are people doing business.) Combined use of the complaint form and recourse to mediation results in three out of four people receiving compensation. Adequacy of Legal Warranty Plans in Canada Final Report of the Project ... the used car warranty found in Quebecs Consumer Protection Act6, for example. The OPC, created in 1971, enforces Quebecs Consumer Protection Act, which governs contracts involving goods and services, contracts of credit, contracts relating to automobiles and motorcycles, repair of household appliances, business practices, advertising and warranties. The main purpose of the act is to level out inequalities in bargaining power between the consumer and the merchant. The Consumer Protection Act (French: Loi sur la protection du consommateur) is a Quebec law which gives protections to consumers in dealing with merchants and businesses. In addition, the Act respecting prearranged funeral services and sepultures and the Travel Agents Act are amended in order to harmonize the prescriptive period for instituting penal proceedings with that provided in the Consumer Protection Act. The contract can be either for a product or a service. Merchants and manufacturers must respect this legal warranty. The Office de la protection du consommateur is not a court and, as such, cannot impose a settlement to a consumer's problem on a merchant. It is provided to consumers free of charge. Category Archives: Quebec Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Subscribe to Quebec Consumer Protection Act (CPA) RSS Feed Variation on a Contact us Consumers. of Credit Disclosure Laws in Canada are integrated into the Consumer Protection Act, ... the premium for automobile insurance or home insurance; 7 The Consumer Protection Act 1987 gives you the right to claim compensation if a defective product causes death, damage or injury. Service Alberta's Reality Choices: In the Drivers Seat publication includes information and tips on a number of vehicle related issues, including purchasing a new or used vehicle. Depuis 30 ans, l'cole de conduite Tecnic forme les meilleurs conducteurs au Qubec.