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For The Health of It™© Volume 2 #1 Action Counts

Reflecting on holiday gatherings, interactions, conversations, resolutions, revolutions, progression, regression … what is said and what is done … word and deed. I did a lot of listening and observing. There was a lot of talk, not much of which was scientifically, or medically accurate, but many were on the right action path. In other words, people are changing their behavior in ways that will improve their health and well-being. My conclusion? Bottom line? Confirmation: action counts.

Congratulations to those who have made positive changes in attitude and behavior. Stick with it! Building a lifestyle that breeds health is hard work and it takes two years for changes in behavior to become habit, or hard wired. There is a natural tendancy to fall back on old behaviors. Ask for help, when you come to hard times. We are always here.

During the past year, there were many health and health care related events among friends, family and associates. Interactions were limited to self care and outpatient care, for the most part, and everyone did fare well. The reason for good outcome? Proper action.

When care was needed, the best care givers were sought out and best care was received. This was not easy to accomplish, but, despite the complexities of The Business of Medicine, it was done. Carefully, thoughtfully and with good guidance, good care was sought out, found and delivered to those in need. So, everyone is on the mend.

I will tell these stories … adventures in health and health care, one by one, as they evolve and I get permission. And, I encourage you to share your health and health care stories. The reason to tell these stories? They illustrate the need for and value of good guidance, and they tell of the good care that can be achieved despite the many flaws and difficulties that are part of the fabric of the Business of Medicine. They illustrate how you can Take The Best Care™© of yourself and those in your charge.

And, speaking of Best Care, Geisinger tells me to tell you that MY opinions, words, actions and property are … MINE and do not belong to the Geisinger Health System. But, we are working together to put the 

B2 (that is B Squared) = Best Care™© = Building Best Practices tool

to work on the front lines of critical care there. Let me know if you want help using some of our tools.

That brings me back to Veritas Health Care. This time last year, we were struggling to establish our non profit. Veritas Health Care is just under a year old, we have website, we have a plan and we have taken action. What actions shall we now take?

The needs are growing and we have much to do. I suggest that you invite your family, friends and associates to join us. There is not enough money in the world to make this right. It is all about Love. Together, we can do it.

Thanks for all your help and let us know how we can help you.

Dr. Mike
Michael F. Mascia, MD, MPH
PS. Be on the lookout for a message about your Veritas Health Care email, and check our website regularly.


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