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For the Health Of It™©, Volume 2, #5 More on a Confusing Statement?

At the end of my biography, The Joy of Healing, I made the following statement.  “There is not enough money in the world to make health care right.  It is all about Love.” (See more at: This seems fairly simple and direct, but Anthony R. Mascia, MD is confused by what I said.  So, I elaborate and give him a chance to respond to and criticize my expanded statement.
There is not enough money or currency of any kind to make health care right.  Currency, including money, may be necessary, but it is not sufficient to make health care right, but, Love is absolutely essential and necessary.  It will take a proper mix of currency, reciprocity, science, humanity, responsibility, freedom, honesty, integrity, knowledge, understanding, action, transparency, technology, give, take, care givers, care takers, people, relationships and Love to fix the broken health care system I call the Business of Medicine.  But, if you don’t get a kick out of healing … if you don’t Love giving care, don’t go into the healing professions and get out of the Business of Medicine. 
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Stay tuned for comments by Anthony R. Mascia, MD …


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