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For the Health Of It™©, Volume 2 #11: More on The Broken System – Not Just My Opinion

“The Health-Care System Is So Broken, It’s Time for Doctors to Strike

Doctors are miserable, patients are miserable, and there’s no end in sight. It’s time to revamp the health-care system from the ground up … “

Above is the title, the first few words and the link to an article that was sent to me at the end of April.  Dr. Wyche sent the story because it reflects our observations, many of which we have shared through our conversations and publications over the months and years that led to the formation of Veritas Health Care.  Please read and give us your thoughts on it.

This is my slightly edited email response to Dr. Wyche dated May 7, 2014.

“Thanks, Trey … Now, after a few moments to breathe, think, recover and devote a few molecules of oxygen and glucose to the story you sent, here are my comments.

I think we (at VHC) are years ahead of the thinking reflected in the article … what do you think?  The only solution I can see requires Patient<>Physician Cooperation and Cooperatives … and a system that can operate outside of the money stream.  Currency, including money, yes … money only, no.  VHC is a Non Profit, PATIENT<>PHYSICIAN centered platform and springboard for Building Better Health and Healthcare.

Here are my comments on the article, which I will post and send out in one or more formats as I have the time over the next few days by email to the working group and friends of Veritas Health Care and blog post to the larger community.

1. It, “The Health-Care System” is a misnomer and has been a misnomer for decades.
2.  “It” is NOT about Health
3.  “It” is NOT about Care
4.  “It” IS about Disease
5.  “It” IS about Money
6.  “It” IS about the “Business of Medicine”
7.  “It” IS about profit on the backs of Patients and Physicians
8.  “It” is NOT about the medical profession
9.  “It” is NOT about the art of medicine
10.”It” is NOT about the proper Physician<>Patient relationship”

Yes, “It” is clearly broken and The Business of Medicine continues to violate our trust … the trust of Patients and Physicians, while “It” continues to take Patient money and fails to deliver on the promises to deliver quality Health Care.  (See Relationship Between Occurrence of Surgical Complications and Hospital Finances)  The willingness to take profits while continuing to deliver dangerous and substandard care on the backs of patients, physicians, nurses and other providers is an atrocity driven by profit taking third parties who do not care about … who do not have the capacity to care about Health Care.  The problem can only be solved through Patient<>Physician cooperation and that is why Veritas Health Care was born.

What’s the message to frustrated and abused Patients and Physicians?  Join us at Veritas Health Care.  This is your platform and springboard for Building Better Health and Health Care.

Dr. Mike

Michael F. Mascia, MD, MPH





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