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For the Health Of It™©, Volume 2 #15: Tick Season Again

Tick Season Again

Yes, it is tick season again, so what does that mean.  Ticks are nasty and ugly little creatures that like to feed on human blood.  In the process they are capable of spreading several diseases.  That means, you don’t want tick bites and if you have a tick on you, you want that critter off you ASAP.  If you find one feeding on you or one of your kids, take it off and save it for analysis.  Yes, the ticks can be tested to see if they are carriers of disease.  And, when in doubt the one who has been fed upon … the bitten one … will need to see a physician and may need antibiotics to prevent or treat Lyme disease, or one of the other nasty tick born diseases listed in the blog I posted last year.

Here is a link to the blog I posted on the subject last year.

Let me know if you have any comments, or questions.

Dr. Mike

Michael F. Mascia, MD, MPH

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