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For the Health Of It™©, Volume 3 #3: Physicians & Nurses, Do Your Job?

Physicians and Nurses: Do Your Job?
A Few Simple Steps: Promote motion toward basics & optimizing patient engagement, care and treatment.
For all health and health care facilities, imagine this:
Listen to the patient.
See the impact of your decisions on the front lines.
Imagine if … administrators stopped administrating & bean-counters stopped counting beans for 20% of their work time and that time had to be spent in patient care on the front lines of care and treatment …
1.  they could be trained to care
2.  go to the front lines of care and
3.  act as helpers, scribes and clerks for
4.  physicians and
5.  nurses
who could then spend the extra time (not interacting with technology) doing their jobs including
6.  listening to patients (looking at the patient, not the computer)
7.  examining patients
8.  having conversations with patients and
9.  coming to acceptable care and treatment plans and terms WITH patients and
10. addressing larger patient concerns and precipitating factors
11. following up with patients
12. Working with patients on health and wellness stuff to keep them going on their own and out of the hospital.
Simple things that can be thunk can be done … and patients can report on adherence.
Have a sweet day and take the best care of yourself and those in your charge.
Thanks for listening,
Dr. Mike
PS. I love conversations, comments, discussions and debates.


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