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Reflecting on Physician Suicide? For the Health of it™ Vol 4, No. 1

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For the Health of it™ Vol 3, No. 11

Blaming What is “Medicine” for Physician Suicide?

A few days ago I sent this email to a group of folks who are trying to create alternatives to what is The (broken) Business of Medicine.  One of the leaders of the group sent this link

(Warning: if you click on the link, you will see plenty of advertising)

and asked for thoughts.

This is what I said (below in quotes).   What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your help.


“She might have more credibility if she got rid of the advertising.
Talked with her a couple weeks ago.  Nice chat.
Invited her to join Veritas Health Care @
No response.
Not a fan of self aggrandizement and hypocrisy.
I am a fan of
>cooperative action,
>mutual support,
>mutual education,
>leading by example,
>servant leadership,
>giving credit where credit is due,
>mission integrity,
>prodding each other,
>to “Do the right thing, always”,
>to teach and learn from each other,
>Hippocrates and the
>Hippocratic Oath.
We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to use it …
The Hippocratic Oath,
which has guided the
>Medical Profession and the
>Art of Medicine for centuries, to
“First do no harm” and  “Do good”,
 has been
>systematically ignored by
>many physicians for
>personal gain
during the last several decades.
The Business of Medicine has
>The Patient<>Physician Relationship, because
The Medical Profession sold out.
Had the Medical Profession NOT sold out
>> FOR MONEY to the
>> FOR PROFIT OVER PEOPLE << Business of Medicine,
we would not be having this conversation.
But here we are …
Physicians, People, Patients all wounded by
>the Business of Medicine.
>Profession and
>Art of Medicine must operate outside of
>Constraints imposed by business and government.
That is our Physician obligation by oath.
That is the mission I signed up for.
I welcome any and all Non Physicians,
to join us on this mission.
Do you care about health and health care?
Join with us.
Take the oath and
take back the medical profession and
restore the patient-physician relationship.
Care first.  Money later.
Michael F. Mascia, MD, MPH”


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