Marion Mass is a Pediatrician with Jellinek Pediatrics in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her special interests include nutrition, exercise, anxiety and food allergies. She believes in spending quality time with her patients and personal service. Marion received her Doctor of Medicine in 1994 from Duke University Medical School, after which her postgraduate training took place at Northwestern University Children’s Memorial Hospital. She is a member of the Benjamin Rush Institute, Pennsylvania Medical Society, and AAPS. Dr. Mass also participates on the Editorial Board of the Doylestown Intelligencer Newspaper, is a Physicians Working Together Social Media Group Board Member, as well as an Abby’s Light Foundation Board Member.

Marion also volunteers a great deal in her community. She serves as an Organic Garden Instructor to her children and their middle school friends on how to grow and sell produce to local restaurants in an organic manner and they raise money toward cancer research. She is also a Guest Blogger for Two Peds sharing the wellness benefits of gardening for children with practical advice on organic gardening and cooking. She is a District Wellness Representative for Central Bucks School District and is on the Travis Manion Foundation Hero’s Run Committee. Marion and her physician husband have three teenage children. Marion’s hobbies include organic vegetable gardening, fitness, and cookery.