Michael Gill photo

Most health care does not happen in the acute sector.  Chronic disease management is handled poorly by both acute and primary sectors across global health jurisdictions.  Patient centricity is a myth and needs to be addressed by both patients and clinicians.

Health care is not only about illness and but also wellness.  Care management is about matching and aligning these vectors to support a patient to their stated requirements and within their ability to cope.

Michael has 30 years management consulting experience across many industry sectors including the health and government sectors.  He has chaired a number of telehealth national conferences and is currently a board member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia.  He is also deputy chair of the Australian National Consultative Committee on Health.  Michael was formerly the director of healthcare Internet strategies for Cisco Systems and has worked in the health systems of Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

In recent years Michael has developed severe rheumatoid disease and has journeyed extensively across the Australian health system as a patient.  This frustrating experience coupled to his knowledge of Internet technologies has provided the impetus to establish Dragon Claw (www.dragon-claw.org).  The concept behind Dragon Claw is radical in that it promotes patient centric self-care and attempts to provide coordinated care management.  It does not provide medical advice.  Michael holds a degree in Statistics and Sociology and postgraduate studies from the Australian National University.