Currently the Director of Professional Education at LATAM, Smith & Nephew, Dr. DaSilva is an accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist with a strong leadership background in helping establish the specialty of Orthopedic Sports Medicine in Brazil.  He completed Sports Medicine fellowship visiting training in the United States (New York, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City) in 1997. He was the founder of the Medical Department at the Brazilian Tennis Federation in 1998, and served as Chief Medical Officer of the federation from 1998 until 2008. Dr. DaSilva also served as President of the Brazilian Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Society from 2009 to 2010. In 2011 Dr. DaSilva established an International Fellowship training program in Sports Medicine in Brazil of which he is chairman. He also served as a consultant, speaker and strategy board member for pharmaceutical companies and medical device industries, working on medical educational programs for more than 12 years. Additionally, Dr. DaSilva led one of the largest groups of orthopedic surgeons in Brazil as the Chief Medical Officer for which he organized the monthly scientific meetings. His academic leadership experience includes the role of co-chairman of the Fellowship Program in Orthopedic Sports Medicine at UNIFESP, one of the largest and most prestigious medical schools in Brazil (from 1998 until 2006). Since June 2014, Dr. DaSilva has been living in the USA in the Boston metro area with his family (wife and 2 boys).  Dr. DaSilva’s extensive experience includes presently serving as Senior Medical Advisor at FruitStreet, and in the past serving as Senior Medical Consultant at Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, Senior Consultant for Medical Education at Sanofi, Senior Consultant at Mundipharma Pharmaceutical, Keynote Speaker for Pain Management Programs (Medical Education), Co-chairman: LIDERA Program (leadership tutorial program to train physicians in Brazil), Consultant for innovation programs in medical education to improve the knowledge of orthopedic surgeons on the management of difficult clinical situations – all of them in partnership with big companies in Brazil.