Sherita is an Internationally Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Trainer as well as an International Transformational Leadership Expert and retired from the United States Air Force where she received numerous awards and commendations while on active duty.

When Sherita enlisted in the United States Air Force, I was in search of personal development and leadership skills. It was during her time in the U.S. Air Force that she saw firsthand the importance of leadership and service to others. She also discovered that leadership starts with Self-Governance. The best leaders are role models of the behaviors they wish to inculcate into those they lead.

From her travels to many countries around the world, Sherita observed the urgent need for leadership training on a massive scale, which led her to the join the John Maxwell Team and the Mentorship Program. Sherita’s primary professional objective is to create appropriate culture and character in workplaces through Values Based Leadership (VBL). Her approach to transformation is a top-down, bottom-up approach, which encourages the full participation and promotes the full development of everyone involved in the process.