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This is a survey to examine the potential value of using universal heath icons (HEALTHiCONS™©) to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. Contact for questions or comments.
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Help us build a system of symbols that can represent the way you feel. We want to know how you would represent your symptoms of health and disease, those of your family and those you care for. The goal of this solution is to offer medical support to people living in need. The solution provides a document containing images with unique numbers that represent different symptoms. It was designed to serve as a tool to help patients and care providers. The patient or health care provider will access the tool with a cell phone or computer with an SMS or social media service available. Scenario: Role: Patient Designated provider ( Community) Responsible physician / nurse 1 – Patient or the designated provider indicates symptoms using the document with the images (e.g: image of someone holding his head in pain, representing headache number 1, or a picture of tarry stool number 2). 2 – The patient or designated provider sends the symptoms via SMS to our system (e.g: SMS message:1,2). 3 – The system verifies the symptoms, try to find the list of possible illnesses that might be related to the received symptoms. 4 – The system notifies (via SMS) the doctor or nurse responsible for that community with the list of the possible illnesses identified, so that they can take action. 5 – The responsible physician / nurse will determine urgency, triage and plan of care required. 6 – The responsible physician / nurse will give feedback to the patient and the designated provider to execute the plan of care. 7 – The system records the symptoms, so the data can be used for statistical analysis (e.g: detection of certain patterns of sickness in certain areas or early detections of outbreaks of certain diseases) and to help allocate resources according to need(surge) when necessary.

Solution diagram: For Example, is it Malaria, Ebola, Influenza, Enterovirus, Streptococcal Disease, Food Poisoning or The Common Cold?

The symptoms shown could result from many possible diseases. This is the challenging part of the proposed solution.
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