We are caregivers, building a global community of Patients, Physicians and Caregivers who care about Health and Health Care. Our Mission is to understand, improve and optimize health and health care through mutual education and support. Join us to help build better health care and discover how we can help you.

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Goals & Objectives*

  • TRANSFORM AND PROMOTE the delivery of health care services based on
    • shared decision-making
    • shared responsibility for care
    • shared responsibility for outcome among and between patients, physicians and other medical professionals
  • INNOVATE: Transform and promote efficient development, implementation and use of
    • virtual
    • electronic and
    • other technological innovations and
    • other innovative products,
    • innovative services and
    • innovative techniques to
    • determine, promote and provide
    • appropriate and
    • best
    • preventive care, acute, subacute and chronic patient care, and to
    • reduce the cost of care,
    • improve access to care and
    • improve outcome in health care
  • EDUCATE health care providers and the public about the value of shared decision-making and responsibility for
    • health care delivery,
    • provision of health care and
    • good outcomes in health care.

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About the Veritas Health Care Shield: Central to Veritas Health Care’s shield is the Caduceus, which symbolizes the fact that optimal health can be achieved. This ancient image, which is more than 4,000 years old, has been used by physicians and other healers for centuries. Historically, the original image is composed of two serpents intertwined around a staff and surmounted by two wings or a winged helmet. Veritas Health Care modifies the wand and uses three “skeleton” keys in place of the single wand to represent knowledge, understanding and action. The keys have heart shaped interlocking bows, which represent the relationship between Love and Healing and the fact that healing is a labor of Love. Veritas means the Truth and Veritas Health Care seeks to enable, facilitate and provide optimal health and healthcare. We recognize the value of the Hippocratic Oath and use it as our guide in fostering beneficial Patient-Physician-Provider relationships for individuals, families and communities.


The Veritas Health Care Logo: Our “Neologo” is used as a simple liason to the next generation. However, the wisdom of the past will not be forgotten in building for the future generations of Patients and Physicians. The key words, Veritas Health Care and color choices, link our Shield to our Logo.

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