Veritas Health Care & Design Thinking

The Care First Project: Assumptions and Rules of Engagement

1. What we do here stays here until further notice.

2. Stuff belongs to the owner and is not distributed, or used otherwise without permission of the owner.

3. If it comes from the Group, it belongs to the Group.

4. Reciprocity is required, as is a balance between give and take.  In other words, if you take, you must give.  And, in return it is expected that you will get something out of this.  If we are not helping you, let us know how we can help you.

5. First, Do No Harm.

6. Do Good.

7. Restore Hope, Faith and Trust.

8. We are here to help build conversation, common ground, cooperation, community and cooperatives that will promote better health and health care for individuals, families and communities anywhere in the world.

9. Our work will benefit the individuals, families, communities, and the global community we serve, at least as much as it will benefit each of us.

10. There are many ways to make our thinking work … and we need to create the level playing field, fertile garden and incubator, if it is to be successful.

I must learn/pledge to:

a. Come out of my (hard wired) comfort zone (silo)

b. Be selfless (give up self interest).

c. Accept all points of view in what is (at first) chaos and uncertainty.

d. Look at patterns and extremes in WHAT IS (good and bad).

e. Find common ground with the folks we expect to serve.

f. Deliver what is needed in the context of what is wanted.

g. Engage individually.

h. Engage the Family.

i. Engage the Community.

j. Think bottom up … not top down.

k. Think of new ways and means of engagement and speak out loud.

l. Be fearless (but not reckless).

m. Know that this is our safe garden where our ideas can come and be planted.

n. Realize that some ideas will grow and others will not.

o. Open (unwrap) the minds when considering WHAT IF (possibilities)

If you want to participate in The Care First Project, contact me

Thank you,

Dr. Mike