1. StepWisely®™© Quality and Performance Improvement Tools & Tools to Promote and Generate Best Practices (B2 = B Squared = Best Care™©)

2. Building Milestones Into Your Anesthesiology Training Program

3. Complete Forms For VHC Application For Tax Exempt Status

4. Anesthesiology Critical Care Development, Perioperative Medicine and Quality Improvement Performance Improvement in an academic anesthesiology department.

5. All VHC Working Group MEMBERS are INVITED to help us Explore the Viability of Patient Physician Cooperatives in Maine, New York, the east coast and elsewhere.

6. VHC Working Group Members are invited to use The Stress Management Workbook and to call-text-email “use” MFM for Health Development and Healthcare guidance.

7. Application for Tax Exempt Status.  Volunteers are welcome.

8. Building a program to train Community Health Workers and Health Care Scribes.

9. Health care consulting.

10. VHC Working Group Members are all invited to build mutual support. 

11. Building an Interactive Application Form and Questionnaire. Help is welcome.

12. Teambuilding and Veritas Health Care; constructing the VHC Multidisciplinary Consulting Group.

13. Care First project.

14. Building leadership teams.

15. SuperCooperator physician group.

16. SuperCooperator group.