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Yes, we can survive and thrive during the COVID – 19 Crisis. But, first things first.

“Embrace the Truth, Don’t Fight It.”

COVID SAFE SOCIALIZATION STRATEGIES are ACTIONS based upon relevant FACTS. In other words, these actions are dictated by hard, cold, scientific facts. There is no politically correct way to say it. We don’t have to like it, we just have to do it, because it is the right thing to do for ourselves and for each other. There are no apologies necessary for facts and straight talk. Said another way, COVID SAFE STRATEGIES are simple, proven, safe, effective and cost effective infection control practices that are based upon long standing infection control science and COVID – 19 science to date. These practices, when adhered to, help you prevent the spread of COVID – 19 Disease & Death.

“First, Do No Harm.”

We presume that most humans wish no harm on themselves or others. That said, to “First, Do No Harm” to self and others requires a commitment to calm, cooperative use of facts and deliberate action. We give you our COVID SAFE PLEDGE to help clarify and distill your required action. These are facts that reflect best practices to help prevent the spread of COVID – 19 disease and death. Give it your best shot. The life you save may be your own, or that of someone you love.


I wish to “First Do No Harm” to myself and others. Therefore, I  

•MASK, keep my •DISTANCE, •WASH MY HANDS with soap and water, •DECONTAMINATE & •DISINFECT surfaces and objects, •VENTILATE my home, •ISOLATE & QUARANTINE Myself, •SEEK TESTING for the virus and antibodies when appropriate, •SEEK EARLY MEDICAL CARE AND TREATMENT when sick with Covid – 19 signs and/or symptoms, •LINE UP FOR COVID – 19 VACCINATION as it is available to me.

I do these things for you and for me, to help prevent the spread of the SARS Co V-2 virus and COVID – 19 disease.

I KNOW and UNDERSTAND THAT the COVID – 19 VIRUS (Novel Coronavirus 2019)(C19)(SARS Co V 2)

√COVID 19 poses little danger to healthy young people. √COVID 19 is often spread by people who have no symptoms. √COVID 19 is often spread by people who are not sick, or may be minimally sick. √COVID 19 poses great danger to the health and life and often causes the death of vulnerable, sick and elderly people. √COVID 19 can rarely cause severe illness and death in young, healthy people. √COVID 19 is easily spread from person to person in closed spaces. √COVID 19 spread can be prevented if I keep my distance. √COVID 19 is less likely to spread from person to person in open air spaces. √COVID 19 spread can be reduced if I wear a mask. √COVID 19 virus can be killed by hand washing with soap and water.

√ I also know that, in the absence of vaccination, or natural herd immunity, frequent testing for the virus is critical to success in prevention and slowing the spread of serious and fatal Covid – 19 Infections.

ACTING IN HARMONY WITH THESE FACTS, I pledge to continue to practice these “Boring Basics” and “Simple COVID SAFE SOCIALIZATION STRATEGIES” to do my part to help prevent the spread of the SARS Co V-2 Virus and COVID – 19 disease.
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Given what we know for certain about The Covid – 19 Virus

Keep Your Defenses Up & Keep Your Viral Dose (Load/Exposure) Down

Don’t give the SARS Co V-2 virus to yourself or your family, friends, neighbors and other folks in your neighborhood, or village.

COVID – 19 Facts to Consider

•Benefits of Open Air and 
•Killing The Virus with Hand Washing
•Disinfection and Decontamination
•Dose – Host Interaction: Host Defenses
•Uncertainty about the virus and C19 Disease in general
•Risk factors: Dose, Defenses, RISK FACTORS?


We can safely say that this virus is unlikely to harm healthy young people, unless they get a big dose of the bug.  

That said, most of us are AT RISK SPREADERS.

How much risk do we pose to ourselves and others? How much spreading can we do?

Our “Spreadability” can not be determined without point of care and near real time testing for the virus and for antibodies to the virus.


Rest, sleep, exercise, proper diet, meditation, art, dance, music, friends, family, laughter, shelter, clothing, walking in nature, sunshine, ventilation, yoga and other general health promotion strategies will increase your resistance to infection and help you to stay strong despite this unprecedented global crisis. Let’s use this as an opportunity to Take The Best Care(TM) of ourselves and each other.

Thanks to our members, family and friends at home and across the world, for helping us to help ourselves and each other through this unprecedented Global COVID – 19 Crisis.

Dr. Mike

PS. Contact me directly, if you want to discuss, debate, or, if you have any suggestions, questions, or recommendations about the content of this blog, or any of our material.