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A group of doctors and nurses standing together.

The Care First Project is building Design Thinking into the fabric of Veritas Health Care

Directors & Officers: This is the core group that founded the organization. These folks are responsible for rules, regulations, bylaws, policies and procedures.

Founding Members: This is the group that will shape the details of Veritas Health Care over time. Your voices are critical to building a strong foundation, structure, function and detailed projects that will promote the mission, goals, objectives and sustainability of Veritas Health Care.

Veritas Health Care Working Group: This included Directors, Officers and Founding Members. We seek guidance and details regarding specific projects from this group on a regular basis.

Veritas Health Care Friends: In addition to those who are actively involved in the development of Veritas Health Care, we have Friends who want to stay informed. Some have contributed time, money, or both. Others are simply interested in what we are doing. They are fully informed of our activities.

Veritas Health Care Visitors: These folks are just checking us out on the website. I hope they will take the time to answer our questions and fill out our surveys.

Thanks for all your help.

Dr. Mike

Michael F. Mascia, MD, MPH

Founder and President

Care Simply

Care Simply = Simple Care™©
This is a survey to examine the potential value of using universal health icons (HEALTHiCONS™©) to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.
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Anonymous membership is an option

Our members are patients, physicians and other providers, but we are all patients. Have questions about how you can help Veritas Health Care and how Veritas Health Care can help you? For more information or to join Veritas Health Care Click here.

A group of doctors and nurses standing together.