Veritas Health Care Seeks Additional Members: Patients and Physicians Needed

Is-Healthcare-Broken-lgWe need your help, because Patients and Physicians must cooperate to fix the broken health care system.  Veritas Health Care will help you, your family and your community build better health and health care.  By working together, Veritas Health Care Patients and Physicians can help you and your community build Health Care systems that will focus on your needs.

Have you experienced a good old fashioned Patient-Physician Relationship?  Many of you, physicians and patients alike, probably recall the days of house calls and personalized patient care … the days when each patient had a physician … when each patient knew his or her physician … the whole family knew “Doc” and “Doc” knew the whole family.  Most of us probably recall those days … the days before third parties, insurance companies, government and big businesses got involved with controlling the relationship between physicians and patients.

In those days, it was personal and it was about Healing in the context of a Patient-Physician Relationship.  Patients paid for care if and when they could … however they could … sometimes in trade and sometimes they never paid at all.  One of our Physicians remembers being paid in firewood, rough cut oak boards and … there was the day a puppy was given in exchange for his care.  Those were the days when patient care was dictated by patient need, not the ability to pay.  Yes, you were expected to pay what you could pay and in a way that you could pay.  Nothing was free and nothing is ever free, but, Care and compensation for Care was based upon your relationship with your physician, and not on your ability to pay.  Not so today.  What happened?  Third Parties interfered with the Patient-Physician Relationship.

In fact, we can’t go back there, but we can take the best of what we have and we can make it better.  We can build better health care through patient-physician cooperation and cooperatives.  We can build health care that puts Care back into Health Care, the best of the old and the best of the new.  Yes, we can take the best of what we have and make it better … together.  Together, we can build health care that is tuned to your needs, the needs of your family and the needs of your community.  And, we can do it at an affordable price.  That’s what Veritas Health care is about.  We are here to help make that happen.

Are we dreaming?  Dreaming is not good enough.  Is it wishful thinking?  Is it practical?  Will it get any traction?  Is the dream achievable?  Is it sustainable?  Yes, we think so, but only through Patient-Physician Cooperation.  Transparency, honesty, integrity, knowledge, understanding, action and reciprocity will all be required if we are to achieve and sustain our mission … we will need all of these things, if we are to achieve and sustain the Best Possible Health and Health Care.  Can we achieve this goal? Can we stick to this mission?  Patients are powerless to make it happen, as are Physicians.  Together, we can do it.  That’s why we need you.

There is not enough money in the world  to fix this.  There is not enough money in the world to  put Care back into the “Business of Medicine”.  It takes cooperation, community and a community of people who care about Health Care to redesign and reconstruct a broken system.  It takes a coordinated effort to build a Better Health Care system … one that does the Right Things for you, your family and your community … and at the right price.

One of our Physicians likes to say, “It is all about Love.”  But, Love is not enough.  Now is the time for action.

Help us to help you.
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