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What’s Wrong With Your Health Care?

We Are Building Your Best Health, Health Care & Medical Care With You and For You

What is Your Best Health & Health Care?

Helping You Get the Health & Health Care You Want and Need: Charitable, but not free, Affordable, Accessible, Safe, Effective & Optimal


Listed below are some of the things we have heard from Patients, Physicians and other Care Givers

  • “My needs are not being met.”
  • “The Health Care services I need are not available in my community”
  • Not Based on Human Need
  • Dangerous
  • “Why do Health Care Businesses give cash bonuses to executives and managers, make profits and give money to shareholders, while quality of care is decreasing and cost of care and health insurance is increasing?”
  • Not Healthful
  • “Why is my doctor spending all his time looking at a computer?”
  • Not Helpful
  • “They don’t Care about me”
  • Unsafe
  • Unkind
  • “When I go to the see my Physician, I feel as if I am being ignored.”
  • Not Healing
  • “I did not go to nursing school to spend my time with computers.”
  • Unsatisfied
  • “Health Care Corporations and Insurance companies give us the things that make money for them and fail to give us the Care we need in return.”
  • Not peaceful
  • “Hospitals are dangerous places”
  • Unreliable
  • “When I work in that place, I feel nothing but production pressure.”
  • Factory Like
  • Corporate
  • “Money is now their mission.”
  • Greedy
  • “They want me to see more patients and to take less time with each patient.”
  • People fall through the cracks
  • “They get rewarded financially for providing bad care”
  • Money & Profit Focused
  • “The hospital benefits if patient outcomes are bad.”
  • Disease oriented
  • “I have to give up control to get care and the care is bad.”
  • Cut corners on Patient Safety
  • “I can’t take care of patients the way I was trained to care for them.”
  • Cut corners on Quality of Care
  • “They are pushing me to cut corners.”
  • Not health oriented
  • “I am disgusted with the Health Care situation.”
  • Too costly
  • Not efficient
  • “The administrators continue to add tasks and each new task takes away from my patient care time.”
  • Not effective
  • “If I insist on the standard of care, they come down on me. That makes me “the problem” and the solution is to get rid of me.”
  • Impersonal
  • “Administrative people should be required to do clinical work. That way, they would understand the problems they cause.”
  • Too technical
  • “Why do I have to fight with my insurance company to get the health coverage I deserve?”
  • Inhumane
  • Disease Care Not Health Care
  • Insensitive to my needs
  • “I don’t have time to take care of my patients.”
  • Fails to Recognize and Reinforce the value of the Patient-Physician Relationship

Health Care Cost Chart 2013

ACO: Accountable Care Organization

Have you paid for years of “Health Insurance” and received nothing in return?

Baffled by health insurance and the affordable care act (Obamacare)?

Sick of your experiences with clinics and hospitals?

Are you a physician who can’t take care of patients the “right way” because of production pressure?

Are you paying too much for what you get?

Want to take control over your health and health care?

Veritas Health Care is Building Better Health Care Through Patient-Physician Cooperation and Cooperatives. We seek members who can help us develop alternatives to “business as usual” in medicine, health and health care.

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