Veritas Health Care: Who are we, where did we come from and where are we going?

Founded in February 2013, Veritas Health Care (VHC) was born of the need to Build Better Health and Health Care.  Our Founding Directors recognized that the “Business of Medicine” fails to meet the needs of many patients in many ways and for many reasons.  Much of this has been discussed in our conversations over the last several months to years and the founding of Veritas Health Care, a Non Profit, is our first step toward Building Better Healthcare.  VHC now has 22 Working Group Members, continues to build a community of people who “care about health and healthcare” and expects to have some Patient-Physician Cooperative meetings before the end of 2013.  In other words, VHC continues to step toward Building Better Health and Healthcare through Patient-Physician Cooperation and Patient-Physician Cooperatives.  Goals for this year include expanding working group membership, opening up for general membership and facilitating Patient-Physician Cooperative development in Maine, New York and in the North East U.S.  We have not restricted our activities to Maine, or the US and we will help wherever we can.  We are global.

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At VHC we know that

  1. Patients, Physicians and other Providers must work together to provide the best care.
  2. Each able-bodied adult is responsible for his or her care.
  3. Able-bodied adults are responsible for the care of those in their charge.
  4. Each able-bodied adult can learn to Take the Best Care™© of himself/herself and others.
  5. Our Fundamental Rules and Operating Principles benefit Patients, Physicians and other Providers.

And we will

  1. “First do no harm.”
  2. “Do Good.”
  3. Abide by the principles inherent and implied by the Hippocratic Oath.
  4. Build a community of people who care about health care.
  5. Build Better Health and Health Care Through Patient-Physician Cooperation and Cooperatives.

Current projects include: (click here to see updates)

  1. StepWisely®™© Quality and Performance Improvement Tools & Tools to Promote and Generate Best Practices (B2 = B Squared = Best Care™©)
  2. Building Milestones Into Your Anesthesiology Training Program
  3. Complete Forms For VHC Application For Tax Exempt Status
  4. Anesthesiology Critical Care Development, Perioperative Medicine and QIPI in an academic anesthesiology department.
  5. All VHC Working Group MEMBERS are INVITED to help us Explore the Viability of PPCs in Maine, New York, the east coast and elsewhere
  6. VHC Working Group Members are invited to use The Stress Management Workbook and to call-text-email “use” MFM for Health Development and Healthcare guidance.
  7. Application for Tax Exempt Status.  Volunteers are welcome.
  8. Building a program to train Community Health Workers and Health Care Scribes.
  9. Health care consulting
  10. VHC Working Group Members are all invited to build mutual support
  11. Building an Interactive Application Form and Questionnaire. Help is welcome.
  12. Teambuilding and Veritas Health Care; constructing the VHC Multidisciplinary Consulting Group.

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