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Archive for January 2014

For the Health Of It™© Volume 2, #4: How can we help you?

This recent email conversation is worthy of scrutiny by  Veritas Health Care members, friends and the larger audience that cares about Health and Health Care.   On Oct 20, 2013, at 11:20, Dr. Mike (Michael F. Mascia MD, MPH) wrote in response to an email from one of our Working Group members …   “Thanks…

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For The Health of It™© Volume 2, #3 Consensual Validation

On Breaking One’s Neck by Arnold Relman Dr. Relman’s story speaks for itself and serves to reinforce my point of view. Members and Friends of Veritas Health Care will probably appreciate this perspective. Thanks for helping to Build Better Health Care. Dr. Mike Michael F. Mascia, MD, MPH

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For the Health Of It™© Volume 2 # 2 Add Some Sense to the Business of Medicine

This New York Times story illustrates some of the reasons why Patients should NOT enter into the “Business of Medicine” without proper Physician guidance.   Moral of the story? Stop, look, listen, do not jump and do not enter without an experienced guide.  It is a dangerous place that will take lots of…

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For The Health of It™© Volume 2 #1 Action Counts

Reflecting on holiday gatherings, interactions, conversations, resolutions, revolutions, progression, regression … what is said and what is done … word and deed. I did a lot of listening and observing. There was a lot of talk, not much of which was scientifically, or medically accurate, but many were on the right action path. In other…

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