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Is Health Care Broken?

April 17, 2019
Building Better Health & Health Care / Rights / Transparency / Trust / Truth

Transparency, Truth and Patient Rights? For the Health of it™ Vol 4, No. 2

Broken Health Care / Building Better Health & Health Care / community / Defining problems in the Business of Medicine / Human / Humane / Mission: Healing

Reflecting on Physician Suicide? For the Health of it™ Vol 4, No. 1

Medical Mystery Series / MM#1

For the Health of it™ Vol 3, No. 10: Medical Mystery #1

B2 = B Squared = Best Care™© / Faith / Trust / Uncategorized

For the Health of it™ Vol 3. No. 9 Reflections on a Visit to Massachusetts General Hospital

Mission: Healing November 3, 2011 Business of Medicine

PGY 39, Day 125 By Dr. Mike Today, I stopped at Walgreens to pick up a few things. As I ...
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Mission: Healing September 24, 2011

PGY 39, Day # 86 Medicine by the Numbers is Painting an Unacceptable Picture ... Strike that Medicine by the ...
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For the Health Of It™© Open Conversations with Veritas Health Care

Volume 1 # 1, Fall 2013 The needs are great and the money being spent is outrageous … especially in ...
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Is Health Care Broken?

What’s Wrong With Your Health Care? We Are Building Your Best Health, Health Care & Medical Care With You and ...
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